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Early Science Initiative
Reimagining Science in Early Learning

What is the Early Science Initiative?

The Early Science Initiative (ESI) is a research-based system of embedded professional learning and family engagement. Our team strives to empower and invigorate the adults that support and nurture our youngest scientists. We do not give them scripts to read or a new lesson to follow. Instead, we support them in identifying science in everyday places and spaces.

When adults see children’s everyday lives through a science lens, they begin to respect and value children as critical 21st century thinkers and scientists who are trying to understand the world around them.

Together, with science as our guide, we can prepare our children to be the innovators and leaders for tomorrow.



Through the Early Science Initiative, we're building the future by developing young children’s 21st century thinking skills through collaborative, connected, and playful science experiences in their classrooms, homes, and neighborhoods.

Find out what early learning leadership and educators have to say about their experience with joining the Early Science Initiative Network.

Our team provides fun and engaging science activities to help support educators and families during their science exploration